On the 22nd of December 2010 I took the project back to the streets, using the yellow circle as a background for a series of portraits of passer-byes in the centre of Bucharest. It was an attempt to remind people of the past.

The people in the photographs are part of those which, in a 4 hours interval, stopped and listened to what I had to say. They are just a fraction of all the people I approached.

A special thanks goes out to Tudor Borduz, "the man with the dot" (see last photo).


The book is printed on demand using the Blurb self-publishing platform.

You can order the book online at this address, for the price of 38,50 EUR + postage.

You can also download a PDF version of the book at: www.cerculgalben.ro/20-years.pdf

"Exactly 20 years ago, the hopes of all Romanians laid in this cut circle, the symbol of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. This simple gesture had, at least symbolically, erased the past, giving us, the Romanian people, the chance to build a future of our own and fill that hole.

On the 22nd of December 2009, I wanted to pay a tribute to all of those who in '89 made this possible."

23 decembrie 2009

Initiated in late 2009 by Tudor Prisăcariu, Cercul Galben (The Yellow Dot) is a project dedicated to the heroes of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.


The project has its origins in a set of photographs of The Memorial of Rebirth from Bucharest, taken in December 2005. Ever since then I had been interested in making a digital alternative to the highly controversial monument, but the current shape of the project only came about 4 years later, in December 2009, when the image of the yellow circle became embeded in my mind.


I started in December 2009 by taking a set of photographs.

I continued by publishing a small size photo album in July 2010, which was followed in November by the Romanian language version.

This webpage followed in December 2010.


The names included in this website were taken from the Monument of Rebirth. If you spot any mistakes or a missing name, please let me know.

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